An interesting, accurate personality assessment in just 35 questions! Based in Individual Psychology, the Kern scale is an invaluable resource for clinicians and trainers. It's quick. It's easy to administer. It can be self-scoring, as the back page indicates the process to get scores on five scales - Control, Perfection, Need to Please, Self-Esteem, and Expectations.

The Kern Scale was developed by Dr. Roy Kern of Georgia State University, a noted Adlerian scholar who has also co-authored the most extensively researched Individual Psychology assessment tool ever developed --- the BASIS-A.

You don't need to be an Adlerian to benefit from the scale, and the manual is an easy read with interpretations of all five scales as well as the most often found combinations.

Marriage counseling, individual counseling, teacher inservice, EAP and similar settings --- all use the Kern Lifestyle Scale.

Kern Lifestyle Scale

We use this scale in professional training, client assessment and a variety of settings. The scale is easy to administer - 35 items - and provides a profile on 5 scales. Your first order includes the Interpretation Manual and 25 copies of the scale.

Price: $ 14.95

Kern Lifestyle Scale - Additional Copies

Additional copies of the Kern Scale are sold in packages of 25

Price: $ 7.50